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The range of the jammer will vary due to specific performance and power

It is time for more important clarifications. Generally, in the Anti-Drone application, the purpose is to block the drone at a distance of several hundred meters from the sensitive area/perimeter (where Jammer is installed). For example, we want to jam an unmanned aircraft 300 meters away from the jammer and flying at an altitude of 10 meters. It can be understood that in this case, the diagonal distance between the jammer and the drone is approximately the same as the horizontal distance between them. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, we will discuss the horizontal distance, and since the difference is small, we will not bother to calculate the exact distance. Now, let's write down a mathematical expression that describes the power level of the signal reaching the receiver input, ignoring any cable loss.


System working mode and working mode: The system adopts fully automatic, intelligent, 7x24h unattended working mode. Specifically, it can be set to use one of the following four working modes: fully automatic mode (as the main working mode, detection and jam strikes do not require any human involvement), semi-automatic mode (automatic detection and recognition, but in the card Interrogation before the plug) strike, which is manually determined after the interference strike), the gap mode (uninterrupted continuous scanning interference to the entire circumference or the airspace at a specified angle), which can effectively prevent the use of radio-controlled drones from taking off and Fly into the air no-fly zone, defense zone or warning zone) and manual mode (detection, identification and interference strikes are all operated manually, this mode is mainly implemented by technical experts).


Christian Steino, CEO of MyDefence, said the system can beat "countless drones." The company claims that its product is the only wearable anti-UAS jammer on the market. Features include a weight of 775 grams (without battery), up to 20 hours of standby time, two hours of continuous interference time, automatic and manual interference modes, maximum interference range of 1000 meters, 2 watts of power output and tailor-made Programmable software specific UAV type, distance and interference range. The company said that the combination of Pitbull and Wingman drone detectors will automatically block the drone signal when it detects the drone, allowing the wearer to focus on their tasks without worrying about enemy aircraft.


According to the previous working principle, a mobile phone blocker is usually composed of a power supply, an electronic scanning control unit, a segmented radio frequency module unit, an amplifier unit and a transmitting antenna unit. After the signal generator generates the scanning signal, the inverter is placed on the oscillator, and the frequency is modulated through mobile communication, and controlled by the power amplifier, power amplifier and regulator tube, and the amplified frequency sweep signal is thrown to The air is in the form of radio waves. Since a frequency sweep signal is formed when a mobile phone message is received, resulting in chaotic interference (noise signal in the noise signal accounts for an increase in the device threshold), the mobile phone cannot receive normal data from the base station, and the mobile phone cannot establish a normal connection with the base station. Therefore, it is impossible to connect from the communication network of the base station. The mobile phone does not display the signal in the search network, there is no service system or other phenomena to achieve the blocking effect.


Why choose gsm 3g 4g inhibitor will interfere with the normal use of mobile phones? Mobile phones work by receiving and sending radio waves. The frequency of the mobile phone is approximately 1.8 GHz. To interfere with cell phone signals, you must have equipment that emits radio waves of the same frequency. A cell phone blocker is such a device, it will block the cell phone signal within a certain range, and the lighting level will seriously affect the call quality and the Internet. Generally, within a radius of 25 meters, interference sources will seriously affect the phone. The effective range of 25 meters will also be less affected. The range of the jammer will also vary depending on the specific performance and power of each jammer.


Considering the sudden downward spiral movement of the drone in the released video, the recommended system is more likely to be an RF suppressor. Taking into account the use of the system by the separatists supported by Russia, the system may also be another electronic warfare weapon made by Russia and placed on the electronic warfare battlefield, because both weapons will have an impact on the Russian battlefield. Fight for research and testing purposes. US officials told NBC News that the Russian military has been interfering with small American drones. The interference is mainly concentrated on the UAV GPS system, which will make the operator not know the current location of the UAV, leading to more extreme results, such as malfunctions.


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